Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Health Product : M3 & W3, Baik Punya

Product Name : M3
Product Code : CM3007
Contains : 5g x 15 Sachets
M3 is manufactured under stringent control using latest Sino-Germany Collaboration Technology; to extract the essence of Butea Superba and Cynomorium Songaricium together with Milk Thistle, Pineapple, Mangosteen and Oligosakaida. It is not only tasty but capable of refreshing the mind, promoting blood circulation, improves vitality, resists fatigue, and strengthening body systems, making it an ideal natural health product.


Product Name : W3
Contains : 6gX20 Sachets

Women of the 21st century are faced with many challenges in their lives. They experience trepidation from society, the economy, their family, their children, health and not to mention menopause. All these factors contribute to the majority of women being hampered with problems that could be the factor to strain their marriage.

In order to enjoy a blissful life, the women should be mindful of their health, both external and internal.
One sachet of W3 contains all the vital nutrients that is of utmost importance to women that ensures the enhancement of their lives and health always.

Functions of W3:
• Reduce the effects of menopause
• Evade osteoporosis
• Enhance the immune system
• Preclude heart disease
• Augment blood circulation
• Alleviate cramps during menstruation
• Thwart cancer of breast and womb
• Enthuse hormonal synthesis
• Anti-ageing and ameliorate complexion

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